Our strategic approach to television and film financing, production, and distribution will help our production and investor partners realize a number of benefits. Our principals have decades of experience throughout the entertainment industry, each offering unique insights, expertise, and relationships. Our connections to key players in each of the areas critical to a successful project provide us with unique access in a competitive industry.

Integrated Productions offers an opportunity for potential partners to leverage our:

Streamlined access to high potential projects

Corporate partnerships with a number of industry leaders

Access to capital

Access to top tier talent

Credibility in the industry built through decades of experience

We impose a rigorous selection process, which features a combination of technical and subjective elements, facilitating a systematic calculation of risk. We become part of our production partners’ creative and management team, leveraging our partnerships to add value to the project and helping to optimize and control the budget.

We offer our investor partners a unique opportunity to:

Limit and control risk through diversification and risk-appetite based vehicle selection

Get involved in an exciting industry with significantly mitigated exposure

Maintain considerable upside and potential for a sizeable ROI